On Hvar island, Croatia [1978], photos by Jadran Lazic

Jodie on vacation on Hvar Island, Croatia. Hvar is a group of islands in the Adriatic Sea. The sun shines all the time there. The khaki army look suits her well, she's a naughty girl. She seems to be pride of her skin tanned to light brown. Jodie has just finished filming Moi, Fleur Bleue with Synde Rome in Paris. She did a great wholehearted performance and was dressed like a precocious student girl. She is on vacation in Yougoslavia to be free from a tight schedule.
[translated from Japanese, thanks Tomo]

 She is seated posing for the camera on a boat, whose destination is FKK Jerolim, one of the the emerald jewels collectively known as the Pakleni Islands opposite Hvar Town, and a noted naturist destination.
[thanks to Paul Bradbury, www.total-hvar.com]

Photographer Jadran Lazic and Jodie Foster [Paris 1977]

1+2 Paris 1977, 3 Hvar 1978

[thanks to Paul Bradbury, www.total-hvar.com]

 "And then I met Jodie Foster, between us has developed a crush, but nothing more than that. Jodie was then very young." [from 24ur.com]

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