Jodie Foster Journaliste Confesse La Vedette Foster [Hit Magazine, France, January 1978, rare & handwritten]

Journalist Jodie Foster confessing the star Foster

Jodie Foster, that's the young American girl the French like so much. She is fifteen years old, has a lot of talent and she's funny. A star at cinema (in 'Moi, fleur bleue' and another thirteen films) Jodie also sings. And while you wonder what she might not be able to, it's no question for her. Jodie laughs about that, no matter what, she is the best. She was glad to give Hit an interview. The result is charming and funny.

1 Does a little girl of three years who suddenly finds herself in front of the cameras have precise memories of that time?

I remember I was in a commercial together with my best friend, and we spent the whole day in the water, soaking wet all day. And there people wanted me to put on a bra with my bikini and I didn't want to because at that time I was living on the beach and I wasn't wearing anything else than clogs.

2 When you did your first movie at the age of 6, was it a decision your parents made for you? How did your siblings react?

When I did my first film, it wasn't a big change for me because I already did many tv commercials before and the whole family was okay. It wasn't that somebody pushed me (but so it sounds)

3 You've been in about 14 films. What are your best memories of filming. The anecdotes, or misadventures from all the movies that occured to you.

Well, I was so small that once I fell into the toilet, I was completely wetted and started to cry. Later in another film I was bitten by a lion and I had to stay at the hospital for a week and a half. I broke my ankle and my nose. In Bugsy Malone there was a kid who didn't like me and was crazy and slapped me all the time. In 'The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane' I had false teeth and they froze when it was cold so I could not speak. And then in 'Moi, fleur bleue' I had pimples all over my face because of the candy from my co-actor. Really good memories these are.

4 When you are 15 you have a family who protects you. The world of adults, isn't it scary at times?

I don't think the world of adults is more scary than that of children. In fact it is roughly the same. (in a wonderful way)

5 Tell us about the most amazing encounters you had, actors who helped you.

Cathrine Deneuve was amazing to meet, she is so beautiful. Robert De Niro is fantastic and Peter Frampton is very beautiful and very nice. Robert De Niro helped me a lot. He is very professional and we rehearsed our lines each day five or six times before filming.

6 In adverts you're often described as a little, hyper gifted monster. What do you think about that? Where would you place yourself in relation to other actresses of your age? What is the profile that you would give to your future in the movies?

I think it's silly to say that I'm hyper-gifted as I am just super talented (a joke) and for me it is not a problem. I know very few comedians of my age, but the few I know, I think they are funny and friendly. I'm going to school and my friends are always people outside cinema. I would like the theater or scenario.

7 What director or actor do you dream of to make a film with?

Alain Delon because he is so beautiful, Paul Newman, too, for the same reason, and Peter Frampton because he sings well.

8 With an international career like yours, are you interested in the French cinema too?

Certainly not, I'm not interested because there isn't enough money to make; no just kidding. I love the French cinema and this is mainly because French was the first and only language I learned outside English.

9 In Michael Drucker's tv show you said you are fascinated by Alain Delon; explain us why. Have you already met him?

He's handsome, he has my phone number and I got his. That's it!

10 How do you choose your screenplays? Your mother plays an very important role for your decisions, does it happen one of you doesn't agree?

For screenplays, my agent, my mother and me decide together and we always agree. It is a great, agreeing and happy family.

11 When you travel your mother always has your ratings and your teacher. How do you manage to continue your studies seriously, and follow the constraints of an actor's life?

My studies are not a problem because I'm very good, and I can catch up to everything (ha ha!) My life as an actress, it's easy, it's like selling lemons.

12 You attend a Los Angeles high school; why this choice for French studies? Is the 'Paris' accent funny?

I chose the French Lycee because not being a Catholic I had to go to a public school. I do not think I have the 'Paris' accent, even though I train a little.

13 If one day you had to quit as an actress, do you have an idea of what else you wanted to do?

I would like to work as a receptionist in a large hotel or a writer-director.

14 Your life is organized professionally with a fixed schedule for everything. The interviews, you really don't like them? Yet you are aware of being an exciting character to the newspapers?

There is a time to cast away stones and a time to pick them up. (I got this from a movie) I like interviews especially when I give them like today, in my bath.

15 What are the questions you are asked too often and that annoy you?

Do you have a boyfriend? Are you really a skateboard champion? Did you go crazy after Taxi Driver?

16 Tell us what can happen in the life of a 15 year old girl when she dreams. Your child's universe, your house, your bedroom.

I can not tell my dreams or my nightmares. My world is that of a child and my childhood is simple, like that of all children.

17 At your age, friends are important; On your travels can you manage to see them, keep them, share their joys?

Yes, I still see my old friends and I share their joy. I also make new friends around the world and that's pleasant.

18 Do you practice some sports? Do you consider it important to your life balance?

Racquetball, but only because it amuses me.

19 Are there times when you feel for being alone?

Just when I feel like that.

20 Blonde, a delightful little nose that you move all the time, porcelain blue eyes. Do you find yourself attractive seeing you on screen?

No. Actually it's like looking in the mirror at morning.

21 What does success mean to you?

For me, self-respect, satisfaction, and making lots of money (just kidding)

22 At fifteen, is it important to make money? How do you spend yours?

Of course it is important, otherwise I couldn't buy me a motorcycle, Berthillon ice cream, cakes, chocolate etc ..

23 The press has probably tried to engage you already with someone; must be quite a fun at your age. But prince charming, even if we are in 1978, must look like someone! Try to describe for us how a man should be like. Being in love is wonderful, what do you think?

The man of my life is drawn in my head and it would be too complicated to discribe. Anyway we have to "je t'attends depuis la nuit des temps" (waiting for the dawn of time=song title) NDLR (?) =note de la redaction, she's not sure about syntax.

24 Give us your definitions of love, friendship, money, happiness, success.

Love: my problem
Friendship: it's wonderful
Money: ask my agent
Happiness: a kitten purring
Success: it's funny

25 How is your visit to France? Do you find the people being joyful? ["gais" = joyful, happy, bright..also: gays]

They are probably very nice because I hugely enjoy my stay in France.

26 You just released your first album in French; Professionals are very surprised by your vocal qualities. A very good and deep voice. Did you know that voice would be helpful one day to make something important?

I am very happy to have made a record; it was by chance, but it's an important thing in my life.

27 Who are the singers you've met? What are your favorite singers in France?

I love Michel Delpech, Charles Aznavour, and my friend Francois who wrote my album that just came out.

28 Your career and your personality fascinate many young people. For "Hit magazine", before we leave, do you have an advice for them, for all of those who dream to become 'you'?

Yes, work a lot. And read "Hit magazine".