Jodie Foster skateboarding in Paris [1977]

Jodie Foster in Kyoto and Tokyo [January 1977]

She played the role of prostitute in the movie “ Taxi driver “ when she was 13 years old. After that she played glamorous role in the movie “ The story of down town “.
This great girl, Jodie, 14 years old came to Japan. So Japnese her funs made a noise too much. About 200 people who were old guys and old ladies, gathered at press conference. However she said that “ I wanna go to Kyoto right now. “

Jodie Foster left Tokyo on Jan 16, night, then she visited to “ Theatre Takarazuka “ tomorrow, then she met Jun Anna and Yuri Kuwana ( who are Japanese talent ) there. And she did sightseeing in Kyoto on Jan 18.
The first, she tried to do fortune slip but unfortunately the result was no good so she got sullen a little. After that, she went to “ Sanjyusangendo “, “ Temple Kiyomizu “ and “ Nijyojyo “. She said that “ I liked the simple form of Japanese castle. If I would visit to Japan, I would like to visit to Kyoto again. “

[unaltered translation, thanks to Tomo]