On Hvar island, Croatia [1978], photos by Jadran Lazic

Jodie on vacation on Hvar Island, Croatia. Hvar is a group of islands in the Adriatic Sea. The sun shines all the time there. The khaki army look suits her well, she's a naughty girl. She seems to be pride of her skin tanned to light brown. Jodie has just finished filming Moi, Fleur Bleue with Synde Rome in Paris. She did a great wholehearted performance and was dressed like a precocious student girl. She is on vacation in Yougoslavia to be free from a tight schedule.
[translated from Japanese, thanks Tomo]

 She is seated posing for the camera on a boat, whose destination is FKK Jerolim, one of the the emerald jewels collectively known as the Pakleni Islands opposite Hvar Town, and a noted naturist destination.
[thanks to Paul Bradbury, www.total-hvar.com]

Photographer Jadran Lazic and Jodie Foster [Paris 1977]

1+2 Paris 1977, 3 Hvar 1978

[thanks to Paul Bradbury, www.total-hvar.com]

 "And then I met Jodie Foster, between us has developed a crush, but nothing more than that. Jodie was then very young." [from 24ur.com]

Hey, how are you everybody? [1976]

"Hey, how are you everybody? I'm Jodie Foster. Let me introduce you to my home. It's located in California. It has a nice atmosphere and sunny rooms. My mother made it Meditterranean style, with colored bricks and snow white walls. If you come near my home, please come here. Until then, I might see you at the movies "The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane" or "Freaky Friday". Both of them are so good."
[translated from Japanese, thanks Tomo]

Jodie Foster in France, July 14th 1977

"Jodie Foster appears for the first time in a French movie. What she was most looking forward to, why she came here, was the Day of The French Revolution, July 14th. That day she visited various holiday events. The day ended with a dance party at Christian Dior's house in the Paris suburbs. Jodie Foster who is 14 years old introduced an assistant producer as her partner [sic], and tasted the atmosphere of the adult world a little bit." [translated from Japanese]