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Welcome Fosterist.

The Jodie Foster Museum covers the first twenty years of a fascinating career. If you grew up with Alicia on both big and small screen, watching her going from typical blonde Disney moppet to the all-American definition of a tomboy to Yale student and you feel pretty nostalgic about these old times then this is your place.

I collect all kind of vintage or rare JF stuff for quite a while. Things I believe worth to preserve and not often seen or forgotten. And as the blog name indicates the basic idea is to share it publicly accessible for other fans as far as possible. What you can't find here either didn't pass YT's rights filters or is simply too private...



 +++Update April 2013+++

Unfortunately YT closed the JF Museum account due to right owners complains. So because of three complains they also deleted everything else, more than 140 shows, interviews, appearances and other rare little gems. The channel had over 500 subscribers and 500K+ views. It clearly shows there is demand from fans and special interest groups. As much as I respect copyrights, I don't think it's right to lock away very old shows, footage that is paid a long time in the private archives of big media. Many, if not all of the material shown on the channel was rare and not available otherwise to the public, neither free nor for money. And if they were asked for DVD releases, re-airings most right owners displayed zero interest. That's a very sad situation. This way all this nice, vintage stuff rots in some cellars and will be forgotten. Without a past no artist has a future. An icon like Jodie Foster deserves to happen on YT, not only in her latest movie trailers.

Anyway, I'll try again to put on a JF Museum channel, maybe there is a workaround. 


+++Update December 2016+++

So much to do, so little time...



Liliia Skapa said...


Your account was deleted, but you had so many rare and amazing videos of Jodie Foster. I want to see them all, is it an opportunity to do it or are the lost forever? Thanks

Christ said...

When will you come back?